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Gamification is more than just assigning points to actions and stacking players on a leaderboard. We can show you how our deepest human behaviors drive short and long-term engagement and satisfaction.

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What is Gamification?

Most simply, gamification is the application of game elements in to non-game activities. It’s sort of like adding a score system to your laundry chores to entice your family help out, except a lot more detailed.

Gamification doesn't just move customers.
It creates mechanisms that satisfy them.

Humans are motivated by many things, but long and short-term motivations are governed by different intrinsic/extrinsic positive/negative stimuli.

There are thousands of game mechanics (tasks, upgrades, unlocks, network effects, etc.) that can be implemented to create an engaging experience, and knowing what works in certain situations is critical.

The key to building a gamified system is measuring the customer journey and implementing the right mechanics and motivators to satisfy the customers needs.


How We Help

Gamification is complicated, but we can help with as much or as little as you need. The first step is booking your initial consultation. 


Planning is the most difficult and intensive design stage, including user research, journey mapping, mechanic selection, and more.


Implementing your design is more than setting up the tech, it's testing and tuning to ensure that the system is working.


Once the system is in place it's time to measure, enhance, and advance the design to improve the player experience.

Service Areas

When building a gamified solution, these are the stages we design for.

The overarching plan and strategy for what the solution is intended to accomplish, which is then applied to a gamification framework to test its initial viability.

Nothing gets designed before we understand who the users are, what needs they have, and how they behave.

Once we know what we’re building for, and who we’re building for, we can begin to outline the journey the player will take including milestones, touch points, emotions, and more.

Your player’s first experience with your system will determine its success, ensuring it’s sticky and smooth from the first launch.

Training players to use the tools available, creatively solve problems, and act with agency and autonomy.

Keeping players invested for the long-haul optimizes retention and ROI by creating a self-sustaining community.

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Interested in how gamification can benefit you?

Even if you have no idea how to implement gamification, let’s chat. There’s very likely some very tangible ways implementing a gamified system can improve your experience.